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Employee Engagement

Engage Your Employees

Understand the essence of the human “spirit”.

The workplace has changed. Generational, racial, social, and personal differences impact employee interaction in ways that they never have before. Coupled with “The Great Recession,” there is a sense of disillusionment and a thirst for meaning among many. How do we shift our organizational culture to create the success we know is possible?

By focusing on the core elements of the Authentic Engagement Program – The Self, The Other, and The Whole – you’ll learn how to create a shared culture of collaboration towards the achievement of organizational/business goals.

A leader in human development since 1892, The Iliff School of Theology can help you create a culture of real involvement – one that fosters connective relationships resulting in a sense of empowerment that fosters respect, dignity, and the motivation to do more.

Empower Your Employees

Increase productivity through greater employee empowerment and alignment with your organization's goals and objectives.

Iliff's Authentic Engagement Program will empower you to learn:

  • Through an examination of The Self, how to identify the unique values that drive personal satisfaction and commitment
  • How to develop a true appreciation of The Other by building on differences as key strengths
  • The steps to creating "interconnected otherness" and the value that a sense of belonging can have in workplace motivation, fulfillment, and in the retention of great people
  • Involvement strategies and techniques that impact The Whole of the organization as positive forces for the creation of sustainable value creation
Employee Empowerment

Excite Your Employees

Increase excitement in your staff for success.

How do you excite employees about their organization? Give them the opportunity to become truly aligned. Our Authentic Engagement Program will help you:

  • Understand your employee’s different needs
  • Build upon individual strengths toward a shared goal, encourage tolerance, and celebrate achievements in new ways
  • Create strong employee relationships to provide a clear connection between employee output and organization success
Employee Empowerment

Why Iliff?

For more than 100 years, The Iliff School of Theology has been at the cornerstone for teaching exceptional leaders how to transform communities through deep engagement. Based on extensive research, we have identified the steps needed to create involvement in a truly genuine manner. Through our customized seminars and programs, we can teach you those skills and start or augment your management initiatives.

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